About Optimus Price

What exactly is Optimus Price? What does it do?

What data do I need to provide to the system?

How does the AI optimize prices?

About my shop

Is it restricted by shop size, vertical, or country?

Will Optimus Price work with my shop backend?

Does Optimus Price spy on my competitor prices?

About my plan

What are the restrictions of the trial, or the lower cost plans?

Is my data secure? What is your privacy policy?

Do you provide refunds?

Optimus Price is for you

You have a large catalogue with a long tail
You will get a lot of value from price automation. You will be surprised how much extra profit you will get from long tail items. Even if the difference is just a few cents per sale, it will add up quickly.
You cannot set prices based on competitors
Maybe you have your own brand, or import some specific products that nobody else carries. Optimus Price will quickly find a price that optimizes profit and your customers find acceptable.
Your brand is strong and you differentiate yourself from your competitors
Price is important, but it accounts for about 60% of the purchase decision. Your investment in brand recognition, customer support, shipping, logistics, and policies are also important. Customers value that investment, and it will reflect in the optimal price.
You have plenty of analytics data, but cannot be active with it
Optimus Price makes data actionable. Instead of being confused by more data, the AI will extract more value. Contact us and we will work on a specific solution for you.

We cannot help if...

You sell a few items with a high price and good margins
Your catalogue is small, you price items based on market research, and your prices are static. Optimus Price cannot help you in this case.
You only sell inside a marketplace (e.g. Amazon)
If your only way to get a sale is to be the cheapest competitor, performing price experiments offers no advantage.
The final customer does not accept price variations on your products
Optimus Price requires price experimentation. For some retailers, and their customers, this may not be acceptable, or feasible. If you do not want to apply dynamic pricing, do not use Optimus Price.
You have a large catalogue, but few sales
The AI needs a minimum of around 50 sales per product per month to learn the optimal profit. Some retailers sell few units per month, at a high margin. This is not a good data set for Optimus Price.