How it works

Pricing automation + optimization =

Intelligent pricing assistant

AI-assisted pricing lifts the weight off your shoulders.

You will be able to quickly handle tens of thousands of items instead of just a few.

Boost your profits

Optimus Price maximizes profit for all items on your catalogue.

Because the best answer is not always to be the cheapest competitor in the market.

Easier and better decisions

Get better information, not more, making your decisions easier.

Launch your favorite spreadsheet and export it directly to Optimus Price!

100% private and secure

Our business model doesn't involve third parties.

We treat your data with absolute confidentiality, it is never shared.

Optimize your profits

  • Sell products at the price that maximizes overall profit
  • Visualize extra profit and discover items with high potential

Save time with automatic pricing

  • Pricing experiments for each individual product
  • You are in control. Supervise the results before going live

Makes hard decisions easy

  • Artificial Intelligence recommends a price based on sales and profit
  • Easily see the profit curve and uncertainty of the prediction

Avoid incorrect prices

  • Add statistical confidence for each price
  • Get alerts for incorrect prices

Your prices, fully automated

  • Retrieve sales from your backend in real time and update prices automatically
  • Plug-ins and public API available. On-premises deployment upon request

Or... try it without integration

  • Upload your spreadsheets and start working with no setup
  • Zero-risk, isolated environment

Easy integration with your backoffice

Optimus Price is very easy to integrate with your backoffice. With just a few clicks you will be able to connect your PrestaShop or WooCommerce shop with Optimus Price and set up dynamic prices in real time

Have another backoffice?

  • Optimus Price has a public API that can be connected to any backoffice or ERP