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The price is Right

Automatically set the best price for each product based on demand, stock, vendors, competitors, and more.

Our pricing engine analyzes multiple variables and allows you to always have the optimal price and avoid pricing errors.

Connect your vendors with your catalog

Set smart rules and our AI will automatically decide the best vendor for every product.

Avoid classic errors like setting prices below cost and mis-managing categories. With Optimus Price your catalog and your vendor data will always be in sync.

Never stock-out or overstock again

Anticipate demand by analyzing stock, seasonality, product lifecycle, promotions and more.

With Optimus Price you can avoid stock-outs while reducing safety stock, optimize purchases, enhance replenishment and properly rebalance your inventory.

Planning made easy

Finally, a solution that that gives you insights, not data.

Optimize your supply chain. Get predictive alerts before mistakes happen. Simulate what-if scenarios. Receive accurate financial forecasts. Analyze the impact of your campaigns.

Prices optimized with Optimus Price

Average forecast accuracy on real-life scenarios

Top profit increase for an Optimus Price customer

A modular tool with a complete set of analyses

Increase margins

Finally, a solution that optimizes both your prices and your costs. Set pricing strategies that account for stock, and better plan purchases by accounting for future sales.

Avoid errors

Never lose money again due to a mistake with a comma or a misplaced category. Optimus Price integrates with your ERP or e-store and will alert you of potential errors before they happen.

Save time

Start your day with a hot coffee while you review our custom shop report. Our prioritized list of urgent actions will allow you to finish managing your store before your coffee gets cold.

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