dynamic pricing
using Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging ideas from high frequency trading, crowdsourcing and machine learning, Optimus Price will instantly increase your revenue without any human supervision.

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How it works

Plug it in

Optimus Price connects to the most popular e-commerce services, like Google Analytics, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and others. You can also call our API from your backend.

Even if you don't have an IT team, don't worry, we will perform the onboarding process for you.

Gather metrics

The Deep Learning core automatically learns from two kinds of data: internal and external, like prices and seasonal information.

Optimus Price processes all data using a white box approach, which allows you to understand which data sources are causing the price changes.

Automatic repricing

Optimus Price dynamically adjusts all your prices without requiring any human intervention.

Of course, you will be able to manually supervise your favorite products if you wish using its optimal price recommendations.

Direct benefits

Increase sales revenues

Pricing is tricky. It depends on many factors that change dynamically

Optimus Price learns how your e-commerce is perceived by customers and whether you will still sell items at a higher price.

Instead of racing to the bottom, focus on price increases which quickly transform into thousands of euros every month.

Manage tens of thousands of SKUs

Automatic decisions lift the weight off your shoulders

Optimus Price tells you the exact price to set for each item.

Old products will perform much better once they start selling at a dynamic price tag.

Designed for executives

You don't have time to check dashboards, rules and read e-mail alerts

Optimus Price has been designed to save you time. Set it up, and it will work for you with no supervision — unless you want to.

This is what makes us different. Optimus Price is for executives, not data scientists.

AI you can see and touch

AI can detect kittens in pictures but also prices in matrices

Optimus Price is proudly powered by Artificial Intelligence.

It is not a gimmick—you will see how the system learns and reacts and how the quality of its data is much better than other services in the market.

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